OptiSun Tempo project

Tempo project OptiSun is a research and product development project funded by Tekes and Kymi-Solar Ltd.

The patented OptiSun, sun and exhaust air heating system, is a new and unique product in the northern market. In Tempo project, you analyze the function of the OptiSun system and the produced savings of heat energy, as well as the viability of the investment in real operating conditions from property owner’s point of view.

Kymi-Solar Ltd is searching prototype properties for this project. We’ll make a deal with the owner of the prototype property, whereby Kymi-Solar Ltd is responsible for all the planning, leading the project, introduction and optimizations during the follow-up period, as well as the analysis after that. The owner of the property is responsible for the equipment procurement costs including the installations.

If your block house’s roof provides unobstructed views, it has been equipped with exhaust ventilation, and there is space for the hot water boiler height of the whole building inside it, it can be an optimal proto target for the OptiSun system. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d be happy to find the right solution for your property.